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Going my way?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

     Only in Saskatchewan, you say!!

Where else could you imagine moving a 1,200 square foot home down the main drag! 

Imagine heading down Yonge Street in Toronto, or down Robson street in Vancouver.  Not going to happen!!

The power company sends out workers to lift lines – even disconnect and reconnect lines. 

Traffic cannot pass on the two lane highway.  The “oversize load” sign is a bit underwhelming – if you didn’t notice the house, you’d never see the sign!

And as the house leaves town I say to myself, “We know there has been an exodus of people from Saskatchewan.  Now they’re even taking their houses with them!”


On dancing

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005

This past week I spent time with my family at my brother’s funeral. One of the things that my brother did was to take ballroom dancing lessons. For him it was a release into his nature – the athlete, runner, musician all combined in one. Those who attended his celebration of life attested to how he could flow across the floor, a dancing partner of consummate ability.

I’ve thought on that this past week. As a family, we were brought up not to dance. For one very simple reason – contemporary dance was about seduction!

Why did my brother dance? I think for him the answer was simple. This was an opportunity to be with a partner, to step together, to know each other’s movement by the slightest nod of the head or inclination of the body. The dance was the thing, not a chance to get a trophy for being the best dancer, or to seduce someone, or even to be seen as the best dancer on the floor. This was about the joy of partnership, the enjoyment of a relationship.

A Mouse in the House

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

At least that’s how I see it.

I came home from a meeting to find my wife madly phoning for help.  From the corner of her eye she had seen a mouse scurry across the floor.  She was in bare feet so up on a chair she went.

The mouse was there when I entered, hidden in our piano.  And later under the dishwasher.  And now??

We set a trap, but this morning there was no dead carcass.  Last night I skirted around the trap.  I thought to myself – “this is ridiculous”.  Arising in my mind were all those fear emotions of hanta virus, rabies, punctured skin and who knows what else.  Three inches long (8 centimeters) at first sighting and now the monster has grown to well over 3 meters (10 feet) in length.

Now I know why people stand on chairs.  Mice are not nice!

Who cares about character?

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Try some of these thoughts on for the living!  

  • I really believe that our society is headed for mayhem, destruction and worse.  “Values based” curriculum is short sighted.  What we need are revealed values – absolute values!  Unfortunately many have “absolutophobia” – the inability to admit that there is an absolute right and wrong!


Here it is Saturday

Saturday, August 27th, 2005

Here it is a day later than yesterday and I feel like tomorrow is
already on me. I’ve been to my brother’s funeral, seen my parents in
need of a new place to live (and realizing it may be next to me), and
I’m just finishing off my sermon for Sunday. In the midst of all this,
I’m excited to be here in Kindersley to see what God sets up for me!

Here We Go

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Well, here is the first of hopefully a number of writings on this blog. I have just returned from my brother’s funeral (50 years old – died of cancer). Things like that tend to push you to get on with your interests in life, and this is one. So come back in the next few days and let’s see what comes out of this pen (or should I say, keyboard)

Well, thought I would add a little extra here. Kindersley never looked so good when we returned on Friday. Back to the job of writing and preaching!

Going home!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

That’s my life at this point.  I have recently moved back to my birthplace –  Kindersley, Saskatchewan.  More than a half century ago I was born into a farmer’s home.  Soon after the family began a trek through Saskatchewan and Ontario, Canada, as my father took up a new career, weather forecasting.

By the time I completed my high school in Regina, Saskatchewan there were seven children.  Our family is known for an artistic bent, tactful stubbornness, and extended relatives around the globe!

My own family?  •  Jill, my wife of 29 years, superb cook and musician. •  Tim, my 21 year old Theatre Production program graduate, seeking and finding theatre jobs around the globe.  • Allison, my 19 year old daughter and recent high school graduate.

Educationally, diplomas sit on my wall for a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Divinity and a Master of Library Science.  Musically, I am a vocalist and have served professionally as a Pastor of Worship and Music.  Other professions have included being a Registrar, Pastor, Librarian, Archivist, Administrator and Painter (and a few other paying jobs that don’t make it to my resume!).

Currently I am employed at the Kindersley Alliance Church.  Or as the locals know it – “The church at the end of the road.”  A great group of people and a great family to be a part of!

One of my great loves in life is to write.  Stories and theological sermons, newspaper columns and pithy narratives.  Other than being published in local publications, I’m still awaiting the day when my writing goes global!!  Well, I guess that’s happening.  Enjoy the blog wherever in the world you are!