“I’m an atheist.”

The newest fashionable philosophic stance!  But I’m not sure what people mean by it!

Used to be we had Madalyn O’Hair around to aggressively point out that atheism was not Christianity.  Then we had the university crowd who wanted freedom from teenage ideas of God.  But now?

Now we have the new atheists.  Of course, there are the agnostics.  Meaning they don’t know whether their is a God or not.  They take a neutral stance.  But, the new atheists would not like the term agnostic.

I hear some of the most spiritual people claim they are atheists.  Spiritual in that they believe in visions, yoga, coincidences, big bang theories and almost anything!  They seem to want to deny “God”, but accept anything that looks like God – as long as it is not called “God.” 

And so the new atheist says there isn’t a God.  And by saying it, dismisses God.  Then they look at phenomenon around them and create new linguistic categories that sound a lot like the old word “God.”

So, help me out.  When is an atheist an atheist?