Mentoring is big in the business world.   The need for moral tutelage, administrative savvy, and what we call “wisdom” is evident. 

Not that mentoring wasn’t going on.  When you put white paper up against a snowflake, you can miss all the snowflakes.  But when you put black paper up against a snowflake, you soon see how few (or how many) are swirling around.

When you find a hole, you try to plug it as fast as you can.  The immediate reaction was to flood the market with information, seminars and “how to” gurus.  But what is the measure of a mentoring situation?

Time is required.  Perhaps as short as three years?  Jesus didn’t have his mentorees for any longer.  Perhaps as long as a lifetime?  Elijah and Elisha had time together – until Elijah died.

Trust is required.  When the credit that has built in a relationship is “dis”credited, in many ways rebuilding credit is twice as hard.

Watch out you aren’t building robots!!  Who would want to look like you anyway!    Share a bit of the light you understand and let it rub off!