I woke up today and headed off to a pancake breakfast.  A
volunteer  appreciation breakfast.  Except I’m trying to stay
away from sausages.

Then got together with some other church pastors/administrators from
town.  Put on coffee that was thick – they seemed to like it.

Then home for lunch – mow the lawn, take down old Christmas tree lights
and  clean the garage out so we can get the car in during the
winter.   Talk to a few neighbours – meet some new ones.

Now I’m at the church working on a sermon.  Peggy just dropped by
with cookies for one of the church programs.  She graciously let
me help myself.  Voortman’s be praised!

And now with ginger peach tea in hand and a Voortman’s cookie at my
side, I’m riding into the sunset finishing off the last draft of my
Sunday sermon.

That’s life!!