Reading a new book by Rob Bell called Velvet Elvis.  I’d put the link to down, but I found it for really cheap at our local Christian Bookstore.  One of those, “We’ll print millions of copies, the first week will go for $20.00.  Next week its already old news – $10.00”.

Rob is a pastor in the States, with Old Testament studies under his belt.  He is the “star” of Nooma videos, a great set of short 10-12 minute clips on basic biblical principles.  So I expected this would be a good read.

And it is!  I’m into the third chapter.  He’s already covered the place of doctrine (what we believe and how flexible it should be) and hermeneutics (the matter of interpreting the Bible).  And never once mentioned that polysyllabic words.

He’s a great writer.  If you want an approach to the “emerging church”, here is a good explanation.  Of course, because emerging church is a new term no one really knows what it means.  The definition is still emerging.  Rob Bell’s approach will definitely give some good thoughts to chew on, from a biblical scholar who delights in context, the visual and the twist of a phrase.

Need some new bed time reading?  Have I got a deal for you!!