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Last Day!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

A few months ago, our Church board chair moved to another town.  The job was there and the timing was right.

They left behind a house to be sold.  For insurance purposes someone needed to be checking it every other day.  We lived just down the back alley.  Another couple lived on the other side of town.  Both of us got keys.  But we were the more likely candidates to oversee the regular “walk through”. 

The house finally sold (a burden off the shoulders of our friends!).  The possession date is December 1st.  So, this morning I shovelled the newly fallen snow from the walk, did a walk through, and bid farewell to the opportunity to examine the house every other day. 

I guess I’ll have to find another excuse for exercise!

O Christmas Tree

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Last night the Christmas tree appeared.

Living in a new home, our first question was where to place the tree.  Our picture window views the fenced backyard.  Right in the middle of the three panes, and out a few feet from the wall, was a good position.

We haven’t had to worry about fake or real lately.  I carried a box from the basement storage and Jill, my wife, began the process of unpacking and assembling the tree.  After a few hundred lights were placed and tree ornaments affixed, the tree looks good.

We fired up the string of lights, stood and admired!  We are ready for the holiday – and we still call it Christmas!

Sunday at home

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Well, just finished watching the Grey Cup.  Not bad for a game with a little excitement.  Started cheering for Edmonton — thought for a while I was going to be sadly overwhelmed by the cheering throngs next to me (OK, so there were three of us families and actually my wife was the loudest, next to Tracy!).

I visited the hospital in the afternoon.  

For most of us, we need to remember that the Grey Cup is just entertainment.   I enjoy the fun of a good social time around a good game of football.  But a cancer patient who is experiencing pain and is in palliative care?  She has a joyful attitude — making your day as precious to her as her own.  And you bring a prayer and listen.  Now, that’s a good time had by all!

Singing in harmony

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

Last night I was together with three other people – a soprano, tenor, alto and myself.

Now, I love to sing bass.  But I also love tenor and doing lead. 

So here we are, practicing to do an acappella rendition of “O Holy Night” for our local carol festival.  The first verse is alright – I sing the normal bass line.  Then on the second verse I’m to do a solo for a few lines.  Then back to bass??  Not a chance – I’m floating all over and everyone is looking for another note as I snatch theirs

Something tells me that being spontaneous doesn’t always work!  And a few voices next to me confirmed that truth!!

Come hear us Sunday night, December 4th at the United Church in Kindersley – 7:00 pm.

Local Pastors Round Table

Friday, November 25th, 2005

Thursday.  7:00 in the morning start and 4 pastors around the table.

No, its not King Arthur’s roundtable.  Rather, a group of us who want to share with each other and with God.

So we discussed some scripture and the joys and sorrows of our lives.  Three of us have grown children.  One has just moved to a new location.  One is bivocational.  All of us are intent on seeing our community impacted for Jesus.

And so, as we enter Advent this coming week, I’m thinking about waiting — and I’m waiting for what God will do!

The slow days – "sabbathing it"

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

I’ve spent the last two days in recovery!

Not that life hasn’t been good.  Far from it!  With baptisms and recordings and teaching and preaching and celebrating anniversaries and putting up Christmas tree lights who could complain.

But I’ve learned in the cycle of things when calendar spaces become full for more than a week, you need to take a breather.  For me, I begin to lose focus on life and revert to habits that are bred from laziness.  My arthritic knees begin to ache and I struggle to put coherent sentences together.  My whole person is telling me that you’d better slow down.  [I’ve also got a wife who knows when I’m losing it!!]

So, I’m learning that when there are signs (I’d like to think they were from heaven — but let’s be practical here — they’re just part of living here on earth!!), I need to take time to slow down for a bit.

So Monday and Tuesday I was back working, but I took some time to relax.  That meant morning and evening activities – but afternoons at home.

How do you know when it’s time to “sabbath”?

Snatches of 48 hours

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

At a suprise 25th anniversary party — when asked for wisdom —  the wife said you need to keep a sense of humor, the husband immediately told a joke!

At a baptismal service 4 youth affirmed their commitments to follow Jesus.  Parents, grandparents and friends showed up to celebrate.  The picture taking was constant.  The potluck was scrumptious.  The shared stories and lives were worth weeks of relationship!

At a supper discussion there is talk of how to complete and share a CD of original music.  Perhaps touring, press releases and more musicians added to the project.

At a meeting with the Christian Education committee chair we work on wording for a brochure outlining our child protection and facility usage policies.  All the time bemoaning the trend our society has taken towards mistrust instead of trust.  Which has meant a whole rewriting of laws.

At a rooftop experience I place christmas tree lights on a crown.  Our street, King Drive, has celebrated Christmas for at least three decades by lighting up metal rebar “crowns” on top of our houses.  Not a bad symbol of the Christmas season – a king come to earth! 

Wayne Gibson music recording a GO!

Saturday, November 19th, 2005


Recording Wayne Gibson original music is on the go! 

11 songs  —  25 hours. 

Scratch tracks and piano tracks laid down.  More instruments to add. 

How soon til you can get the finished product? 

 Hopefully within the next few months — I would love to see it by April.

As I’ve told Wayne more than once, “I wouldn’t take on this project unless I felt there was depth to the content and musicality in his compositions.”  You’ll want to pick up a CD when this is all done!  Maybe we’ll even arrange some type of tour??

Starting to record

Friday, November 18th, 2005

The recorder and technician arrive today.  Mark will be here in the afternoon and we will begin to record original songs written by Wayne Gibson.

The process can be slow, but my hope is to see this music in a usable form (CD, mp3, etc.) within the next 5 months.

You’ll be hearing more!

Avoiding an Electric Baptism!

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

You’ve heard about the pastor who was recently electrocuted during a baptismal service?

So have I! 

So today, with our janitor, I walked through placement of our baptismal tank (we have a portable tank – better than cutting a hole in the ice!).  Everyone should be able to see what is happening!  Of particular interest to me and those watcheing – the microphone will be out away from the tank.

If you are in the area – join us at 11:00 this Sunday (November 20).  The stories of those getting baptized will be electrifying – and may the pastor not be!