At a suprise 25th anniversary party — when asked for wisdom —  the wife said you need to keep a sense of humor, the husband immediately told a joke!

At a baptismal service 4 youth affirmed their commitments to follow Jesus.  Parents, grandparents and friends showed up to celebrate.  The picture taking was constant.  The potluck was scrumptious.  The shared stories and lives were worth weeks of relationship!

At a supper discussion there is talk of how to complete and share a CD of original music.  Perhaps touring, press releases and more musicians added to the project.

At a meeting with the Christian Education committee chair we work on wording for a brochure outlining our child protection and facility usage policies.  All the time bemoaning the trend our society has taken towards mistrust instead of trust.  Which has meant a whole rewriting of laws.

At a rooftop experience I place christmas tree lights on a crown.  Our street, King Drive, has celebrated Christmas for at least three decades by lighting up metal rebar “crowns” on top of our houses.  Not a bad symbol of the Christmas season – a king come to earth!