The slow days – "sabbathing it"

I’ve spent the last two days in recovery!

Not that life hasn’t been good.  Far from it!  With baptisms and recordings and teaching and preaching and celebrating anniversaries and putting up Christmas tree lights who could complain.

But I’ve learned in the cycle of things when calendar spaces become full for more than a week, you need to take a breather.  For me, I begin to lose focus on life and revert to habits that are bred from laziness.  My arthritic knees begin to ache and I struggle to put coherent sentences together.  My whole person is telling me that you’d better slow down.  [I’ve also got a wife who knows when I’m losing it!!]

So, I’m learning that when there are signs (I’d like to think they were from heaven — but let’s be practical here — they’re just part of living here on earth!!), I need to take time to slow down for a bit.

So Monday and Tuesday I was back working, but I took some time to relax.  That meant morning and evening activities – but afternoons at home.

How do you know when it’s time to “sabbath”?

2 thoughts on “The slow days – "sabbathing it"

  1. This is so wonderful to spend time here on the “Sabbath”. Thank you, Ron. My godly father has always honoured the Sabbath. Should that be so unusal? Is it not a commandment? Oh, how I have been influenced by the world, rather than influencing the world. Forgive me, Father, and help me dig myself out of this.

    Take time to be holy ….

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