Local Pastors Round Table

Thursday.  7:00 in the morning start and 4 pastors around the table.

No, its not King Arthur’s roundtable.  Rather, a group of us who want to share with each other and with God.

So we discussed some scripture and the joys and sorrows of our lives.  Three of us have grown children.  One has just moved to a new location.  One is bivocational.  All of us are intent on seeing our community impacted for Jesus.

And so, as we enter Advent this coming week, I’m thinking about waiting — and I’m waiting for what God will do!

One thought on “Local Pastors Round Table

  1. Influencing my World — having an impact… Last night Dr. Lorne fed us “meat” about influencing my world. It takes committment. Dr. Lorne used “Dan and the Boys”. Am I a “man” of conviction: 1) deeply convinced of God’s love; 2) deeply convinced of the need for purity; 3) deeply convined of God’s presence; 4) deeply convinced of God’s enabling power. Those are Dr. Lorne’s highlights. If I am truly deeply convinced of the above, then my actions, and the Holy Spirit within me, will impact my world. That “deeply convinced” part for each moment of each day convicted me, and my grasping same will make a difference. May the power of God enable each of us.

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