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IDOP – what's that?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

This Sunday, in a number of churches, we will be IDOPing.

The acronym stands for “International Day Of Prayer” for the persecuted church.

I tend to appreciate that my life is fairly comfortable.  If I am persecuted for my Christian stand, I can turn to various remedial channels to correct that.  Sometimes I may feel unfairly treated.

But nothing like those in many countries around the world.  Death is not an unheard of result of converting to Christianity, being the leader of a group of Christians, or just taking a stand for Jesus!

I guess our question is — will we take a stand with those who are persecuted?  Can our first place of standing be prayer?

Hearing the Gospel – two approaches

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Philip Yancey in the latest Christianity Today.  He points out that C.S. Lewis said Christians must make a distincition between communicating the good news of Jesus to those who hear for the first time, and those who have embraced and then rejected the good news. 

“A person must court a vigin differently than a divorcee, said Lewis.  One welcomes the charming words; the other needs a deomonstration of love to overcome inbuilt skepticism.”

A Klipper Wind

Monday, November 14th, 2005

The snow is being blown by a Klipper wind.  I’ve shovelled three walks already today, and will do a second shift later today.

The wind blows north from Alberta, diagonally through Saskatchewan and onward from there.

I’ve never heard of this wind before, but I guess it has been around.  Our local hockey team is called the Klippers.  I guess the idea was that they would skate like the wind!  At least this weekend they got a point or two!!

He's gone

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

He’s gone.

He came in the night.

She let him in – he needed a place to stay.

Then, he departed to his old haunts. To take care of business. To find himself.

Not many days later, he was back. With his same habits, and hauntings.

She took him in again. He didn’t fit. He needed to go.

In the morning, at 1:10 am, he boarded the bus.

To another city, another province. And maybe eternity.

His life span will be short at the present rate.

He’s heard truth. He’s seen truth. But will he grip The Truth?

Remembrance Day Opening Prayer

Friday, November 11th, 2005

I’m giving the opening prayer at the local Remembrance Day service.  Here is what I will be praying:

God, we are not here to start another war.  If anything, that wars would cease and peace would reign, is our opening prayer.

At the same time we recognize the sacrifices given for us.  Where evil has reigned we have desired good to triumph.  Over the years this task, passed from generation to generation, has been sacrificial, even to the shedding of blood.

We give thanks for lives given and freedom obtained.  In sorrow we grieve unfulfilled dreams, shattered hopes and blood spilt.

Grant us in these moments, your comfort, counsel and wisdom – as we pray in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  AMEN.

The Barbarian Way

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

I’m reading Erwin McManus’ The Barbarian Way.  Small book but good thoughts.

From page 53:

“Just do whatever God calls you to do the moment it is clear to you.  Do not procrastinate; do not hesitate; do not deviate from whatever course of action He calls you to.  But I want to warn you, the closer you walk with Christ, the greater the faith required. The more you trust Him, the more you’ll risk on HIs behalf.  The more you love Him, the more you will love others.  If you genuinely embrace His sacrifice, you will joyfully embrace a sacrificial life.”

More on the committed life in my theology blog for November 10, 2005

West Winds Blow

Thursday, November 10th, 2005

Wind comes and goes.  So do signs! 

A month ago I routered an oak sign.  Just read “BAKERS”.

Then I put the sign up under the eaves.  With metal “S” rings.  Hooked to Christmas tree light holders.

In today’s windstorm, it all came tumbling down.

When I arrived home from work, there was a step stool on the front steps.  Jill had everything set for me to climb up and reattach the sign.  A little better this time.  So the wind won’t harm the “BAKERS”.  And the next time a wind blows, and things get a bit messy,  we’ll both be there to make sure the “BAKERS” are still there!

29 years and we’re still going – neither wind, nor snow (and Kindersley sees snow), nor hail nor sleet will keep me from my loved one! 


                                                Love Ya, Jill!


Stewards of the stead

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Stead Steward – my newest title in my multifaceted life!

In the fourteenth century William Langard wrote Piers Plowman.  One of the phrases talks about the “steward of the steads”.  The stead is a place that was or is someone elses.

A friend of ours moved but their house has not yet sold.  Every other day (an insurance requirement and good for peace of mind) I wander down and check out the house.  For the five or ten minutes I now can add a new title to my name.

Imagine the names we could attach to ourselves!  What titles do you have that are impressive for the amount of work you do??

Theology Blog Starting!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Well, here it is!

If you want to get in on my daily (or almost daily) meanderings on church, theology and God click on the side button under the Blogroll on “RON BAKER’S THEOLOGY BLOG”.  Or put into your browser the following – .  That will get you there as well.

See you there!

Operation Christmas Child -boxes coming in!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

We are a “regional” drop off centre!  A place to drop off OCC boxes.

To date we have around 550 boxes in.  Appears that’s more than last year.

In the last while we have consolidated the boxes into shipping boxes, tried to keep track of how many, and generally watched the outpouring of love people have for this project.  Not that this town has had it easy.  In past years the United Church minister criticized the project and seems to have derailed some enthusiasm.  But momentum is coming back.

Meanwhile I’ve lifted boxes, toted them bales and generally been called on to get into shape.  Not as easy a task as we thought it might be, but as a benefit, I may lose weight and have a more svelte (is that Svedish??) figure!.