OK, its only Friday but I feel like this has been a long week.  A good week, but a long week!

Originally I was to take off a few days while family were around.  In the midst of this came the call to lead a funeral.  In this case, and particularly for the sake of friends who called, I felt privileged to be asked to participate. 

The extra time was not begrudged by our family!  I was up and running in the morning when most of them were still in bed!!  The family celebrations were great.  15 people sharing together food and fellowship on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday they were all gone — back to their homes.  By Thursday evening Jill and I confronted an empty house — and said it was time to get some rest.

Today the fog rolled in — seems so unusual in a time when -20 Celcius and cold winds are the norm!  We left a little early for the funeral in Eston – a 45 minute ride away. 

As we returned we plotted our supper meal – leftovers of turkey, salads, potato and gravy, cauliflower and pie.  All heated on the stove and in the microwave in about 10 minutes time.  Talk about fast food!!  We relaxed for the evening and I will take a day off tomorrow!

Until then . . .