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Rick Moranis up for a Grammy?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

Rick is that guy from SCTV and Strange Brew – the funny man who is the quintessential Canuck hoser!

And now he’s doing music!  I ran across an article that alerted me to this newest music craze – the album is country and called the Agoraphobic Cowboy.  You can hear a sample at Rick Moranis’s website (

The samples I heard were pure country corn!!

What’s next?

Stephen Harper and the Right Brothers??  Paul Martin and the Left-overs??  Jack Layton and the Back Bench Boys?  Maybe a “separate” album by Gilles Duceppe??

This way up!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2006

There was an ethnic joke from the ’60’s. A contractor selling a house kept yelling out the window – “Green side up.” The buyers finally enquired as to why. The contractor explained that they were laying sod.

Some days I feel like those sod lay-ers.  No matter how many times I think I have solved a problem, understood the implications, and even realized the consequences — the next day I’m still needing someone to guide me through it once more.

I’m just starting Augustine’s Confessions. I could only hope for his abilities with intellect, leadership, and spiritual acumen. He was one of those who, more often than not, knew which way up the sod was to lay. And when he got it wrong, he flipped over the piece he was working on!  I can see him standing at the window yelling out to those of us who need help — “Green side up!”

Here’s to a good read and the inspiration it will provide!

Full Salad Deal!!

Sunday, January 29th, 2006

I was out to lunch!

A public service at the local heritage manor was only a few minutes away.  I didn’t want to eat too much — a full stomach and preaching/singing doesn’t work well for me.

Saw a seafood salad on the menu.  I’ve experienced half servings before.  They are only enough for a small rabbit, and an anorexic one at that!

I requested the full serving.  There was a moment’s hesitation from the waitress, witnessed to by all around the table.

The delicacy arrived.  A heap of greens and reds and whites!!  With Italian dressing.

I took a second look. 

A full shrimp ring with a sliced egg and fake crab adorned the top.  Underneath was a head of lettuce!  Sliced up, of course, but creating a mound as high as any burger whooper those fast food places create!

I started slowly but soon realized I couldn’t talk and get finished in time — I had to rush off to the manor  service.  This was way too much!  I actively listened, made one sentence comments and kept the fork moving.  Even so,  with ten lettuce leaves, a slice of tomato and a bit of seafood still populating the plate, I was full.  And time was up!!

If sayings are any indications — I truly was “Out to lunch!!”

Back home!

Friday, January 27th, 2006

We’re back!

Left on Thursday at 12:30 after our lunch meal.  Arrived back at 11:00 at night.

The trip was uneventful.

I’d rather have it that way than with tumultuous events of amazing proportionslove that phrase – just made it up!.  If you want it, it’s yours!

The wildlife was great and the broomball a little boring – pictures taken from our balcony and the entrance road with a Canon S1 IS camera at 32X (zoom).  Love what these cameras can to.

Here we are

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

This is Elkhorn Lodge – sorry, no picture!  Just imagine a scenic lodge overlooking brush with horses frolicking in the pastures.

We arrived Monday and will return to Kindersley Thursday.  Until then, we hope to get some rest and refreshment.  I’ve been a bit sick, but no better place than here!!!

Fly away, fly away, come back home!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

So, we found out a West Jet flight to Winnipeg is on sale for “cheap” this weekend!

My wife and I are planning a trip to the windy city in March.  The travel time in a car is around 12 hours.  The cost is around $250 of gas.

So $83.00 sounded pretty good.  Of course that is for one person.  Then start adding the taxes.  $35.00 to fly out and around $45.00 to fly back. 

So (83+35+83+45) X 2 = 492.00 (or roughly thereabouts!).  Then we would need to rent a car.  Let’s throw in roughly $100.00 for the weekend.  So almost $600.00. 

Add to that they we were going with another couple who would also have to spend around $500.00 to fly out with us.  Plus a two hour ride back and forth to the airport ($40.00).  So, let’s say $1,150 or so to go to WPG and back. 

Let’s look at this in another light.  If we drive out all the way, we get to talk and talk and drive and drive and enjoy each other’s company (we are all friends).  There are intangible benefits here!

Take the $250.00 away from the $1,150.00 and we have nearly $900.00 to play with!  In shopping terms that means we have saved ourselves enough money to buy something else!

Imagine what the $900 will buy both of us couples.  Groceries for six weeks, heating and power bills for a month, or maybe a few nights out on the town!

I feel better already.  And to think all of this extra money might never have been ours!

He's dead but he's not!

Friday, January 20th, 2006

Today I received word that someone had died. 

The rumour continued unabated for a short time. 

Others heard via the grapevine!  Some were already rearranging their calendars for the funeral! 

Its amazing how your mind goes into high gear,  your calendar gets cleared and you are soon wondering how you would describe that person if you were asked to do a eulogy.

The rumours of the death, though, were greatly exaggerated! 

I almost felt robbed when I heard they had not died!

In those few short moments — from the beginning of the rumour to the quashing thereof — my coming week had been freed up.  Placing the importance of celebrating another’s life ahead of my own often frantic activities was refreshing.  I’m thinking scaling back my activities and reflecting on the lives of those around me wasn’t such a bad thing.

We've already voted!

Thursday, January 19th, 2006

The election in Canada is less than a week away.

We will be away from our constituency on Monday, at meetings in Manitoba.  So last Friday we were at the advanced polling station at noon and placed our ballots in the box by 12:30.

Now, the excitement of the final week of electioneering is lost on me! 

All the hype, jabs, and momentum mean nothing.  My vote is unchangeable!

In a lot of life I have been ahead of the wave.  I took information science back in the days when we were just beginning to realize that the information age was about to dawn.  I was a part of the beginning of the worship transitions in late 20th century Protestant churches.  I’m feeling like I’ve heard it all when I hear the term “emerging church” – even though that is the current wave pounding on the church!  And now, I’m listening to the electioneering, knowing that I’ve “been there, done that – got the vote cast”!!

Maybe I should just turn the TV off!

Frost beats wire

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

Remember the good old “Rock, scissors, paper game”?

Here’s a new one – “Frost beats wire”!

I hadn’t thought much about our warm weather and humidity.  Enjoying hoarfrost each day as it sparkles in the morning light is a delight!

But the power lines are a little less than welcoming.  As I look out the window, the branches on our trees are getting covered.  Jill tried to flick a frosted branch in my face, but the white stuff sticks to the bark better than superglue to . . . (fill in the blank!).

Meanwhile the power lines are weighed down, the lines snap or become useless, and our power is in and out constantly.  On Sunday at least eight times.  On Monday at least four times.

There is a good side to this!  Now we know which of our clocks have functioning back up batteries.

Cream and Sugar Please!

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

I’ve watched people over the years. 

Struggling to live a normal life.  Wanting to be like others.  And knowing they aren’t.

The lady whose husband had to take her to the hospital. For her own good and for his welfare.  To end up as a patient in a wing of the facility, needing assessment and rehabilitation.

Or the weekly visits to the mental health assessment office by a man of my age.  His prescriptions strongly regulated to help him maintain a balance in life.

Or the struggling writer whose cab fares helped to pay for his subsistent lifestyle.  Always aware that a bi-polar disorder could wreck havoc on his life.

And I sit around the coffee table, and we look at each other.  We talk about nothing and everything.  We pray. 

Life is normal, for the moment.