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Seeker Sensitive progresses to Hospitality Sensitive — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Ron,

    This article was interesting, and although i do agree with much of it I also have to say that the seeker sensitive model is more that market studies and so forth. It involved trying to understand the culture around them and making a comfortable place for new people to come in. This is hospitable, and biblical. We also need to rememeber that the major, seeker-sensitive churches also reached out, accepted and attracted (because of thier hospitality) literally thousands of people. I do believe that seeker churches have served well since there recent birth and are going to either adapt again or die (boomer resist more change that their forefathers did, so it will be a difficult change).

    We need to look at the previous models of church without scoffing but instead praising for what was done right, while looking for the new ways God is working in a new, emerging generation.

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