Today we ventured to the Heart Pacemaker Clinic in Saskatoon — two hours in, two hours back!

This year, we celebrate 35 years of battery power for Jill’s heart.  The technician checked the current battery’s status and functioning.  With the printout comes an assessment of who’s running her heart.  3% of the time, her heart is on its own!  97% of the time battery powered electrical impulses keep her blood running and her heart ticking.

Got me to thinking!

Who powers my heart?  Figuratively! 

How much of the time do I run on my own power?  How much of the time does God’s power take over? 

Let me be honest!    Some days I think I dip down into the lower percentages.  And other days I find the joy of the higher regions.  

Am I at 97%?  Probably not!  I hope I’m edging that way, because I would love to be a 100 percenter!!!