Am I helping them to live or to die?

That is a question I ask as I deal with cancer patients (patience may be a more applicable term). 

Day by day the certainty of cells still fighting the cancer becomes less certain.  Tests reveal progress — sometimes positive, other times negative. 

I have sat with a lady who about ten years ago had a polished head, balder than mine!  She has since had a child, been clear of cancer and now lives an active life.  I have sat with a brother whose cancer engulfed him only three years after biking across Canada.  His death was this past summer.

I pray with people to exhibit joy in suffering, strength in pain and hope for the future.  For some the future is a certainty, soon in another realm.  For others the current body will continue to fight.  Sometimes I sense an urge to continue to pray for current healing.  For others I pray for release to eternal healing.

For all tonight I pray for a greater sense of God’s presence and his pleasure.