Tuesday night our daughter had a baby shower.  In Prince Albert.

This was to be a “money” shower!  The idea was to provide enough to buy a crib.  She got enough to buy more than one crib, plus some gifts were also brought.

The shower saw around 47 ladies attend.  I’m not a “shower goer”, but I understand that is a good showing.

Some came to see Jill, others for the baby’s sake.  We had driven up on Tuesday afternoon and headed back Wednesday morning.  A quick visit (sorry we didn’t get to see all of you in PA!).

Back on Wednesday night, I was invited to attend a Kindersley Junior Klippers hockey game.  They lost 3-1, but just being in the rink was enjoyable.  The crowd was small (Klippers are not on a winning streak).  As someone mentioned – this is when the true fans hang out!