Frost beats wire

Remember the good old “Rock, scissors, paper game”?

Here’s a new one – “Frost beats wire”!

I hadn’t thought much about our warm weather and humidity.  Enjoying hoarfrost each day as it sparkles in the morning light is a delight!

But the power lines are a little less than welcoming.  As I look out the window, the branches on our trees are getting covered.  Jill tried to flick a frosted branch in my face, but the white stuff sticks to the bark better than superglue to . . . (fill in the blank!).

Meanwhile the power lines are weighed down, the lines snap or become useless, and our power is in and out constantly.  On Sunday at least eight times.  On Monday at least four times.

There is a good side to this!  Now we know which of our clocks have functioning back up batteries.

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