The election in Canada is less than a week away.

We will be away from our constituency on Monday, at meetings in Manitoba.  So last Friday we were at the advanced polling station at noon and placed our ballots in the box by 12:30.

Now, the excitement of the final week of electioneering is lost on me! 

All the hype, jabs, and momentum mean nothing.  My vote is unchangeable!

In a lot of life I have been ahead of the wave.  I took information science back in the days when we were just beginning to realize that the information age was about to dawn.  I was a part of the beginning of the worship transitions in late 20th century Protestant churches.  I’m feeling like I’ve heard it all when I hear the term “emerging church” – even though that is the current wave pounding on the church!  And now, I’m listening to the electioneering, knowing that I’ve “been there, done that – got the vote cast”!!

Maybe I should just turn the TV off!