Fly away, fly away, come back home!

So, we found out a West Jet flight to Winnipeg is on sale for “cheap” this weekend!

My wife and I are planning a trip to the windy city in March.  The travel time in a car is around 12 hours.  The cost is around $250 of gas.

So $83.00 sounded pretty good.  Of course that is for one person.  Then start adding the taxes.  $35.00 to fly out and around $45.00 to fly back. 

So (83+35+83+45) X 2 = 492.00 (or roughly thereabouts!).  Then we would need to rent a car.  Let’s throw in roughly $100.00 for the weekend.  So almost $600.00. 

Add to that they we were going with another couple who would also have to spend around $500.00 to fly out with us.  Plus a two hour ride back and forth to the airport ($40.00).  So, let’s say $1,150 or so to go to WPG and back. 

Let’s look at this in another light.  If we drive out all the way, we get to talk and talk and drive and drive and enjoy each other’s company (we are all friends).  There are intangible benefits here!

Take the $250.00 away from the $1,150.00 and we have nearly $900.00 to play with!  In shopping terms that means we have saved ourselves enough money to buy something else!

Imagine what the $900 will buy both of us couples.  Groceries for six weeks, heating and power bills for a month, or maybe a few nights out on the town!

I feel better already.  And to think all of this extra money might never have been ours!

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