Full Salad Deal!!

I was out to lunch!

A public service at the local heritage manor was only a few minutes away.  I didn’t want to eat too much — a full stomach and preaching/singing doesn’t work well for me.

Saw a seafood salad on the menu.  I’ve experienced half servings before.  They are only enough for a small rabbit, and an anorexic one at that!

I requested the full serving.  There was a moment’s hesitation from the waitress, witnessed to by all around the table.

The delicacy arrived.  A heap of greens and reds and whites!!  With Italian dressing.

I took a second look. 

A full shrimp ring with a sliced egg and fake crab adorned the top.  Underneath was a head of lettuce!  Sliced up, of course, but creating a mound as high as any burger whooper those fast food places create!

I started slowly but soon realized I couldn’t talk and get finished in time — I had to rush off to the manor  service.  This was way too much!  I actively listened, made one sentence comments and kept the fork moving.  Even so,  with ten lettuce leaves, a slice of tomato and a bit of seafood still populating the plate, I was full.  And time was up!!

If sayings are any indications — I truly was “Out to lunch!!”

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