This way up!

There was an ethnic joke from the ’60’s. A contractor selling a house kept yelling out the window – “Green side up.” The buyers finally enquired as to why. The contractor explained that they were laying sod.

Some days I feel like those sod lay-ers.  No matter how many times I think I have solved a problem, understood the implications, and even realized the consequences — the next day I’m still needing someone to guide me through it once more.

I’m just starting Augustine’s Confessions. I could only hope for his abilities with intellect, leadership, and spiritual acumen. He was one of those who, more often than not, knew which way up the sod was to lay. And when he got it wrong, he flipped over the piece he was working on!  I can see him standing at the window yelling out to those of us who need help — “Green side up!”

Here’s to a good read and the inspiration it will provide!

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