24 hours!

Our son, Tim, arrived in Saskatoon Sunday morning at 12:52.  The flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours.  For the sake of being awake on the way home, I laid down on the airport seats.  Actually got a few minutes power nap.  No problem driving the two hours home!  But the 7:50 in the morning to get to church was a bit of a shove!

Tim wants to work with the “Cirque de Soliel” in Vegas.  Few theatre jobs are steady work with top quality production.  Cirque de Soliel is one of the few!  To experience their shows, Tim booked a flight to Vegas. 

From Edmonton.  


At 1:00 pm.

Somehow between Sunday morning and Monday afternoon, Tim needed to travel to Edmonton.  Alternatives were discussed: maybe a quick trip (4 1/2 hours one way) for us, or meet a friend 1/2 way, or just take the bus.

The bus won!   At 1:10 this morning (that’s just after midnight!) we put him on the bus.  He’ll be back, but tonight he’ll be seeing the bright lights of Vegas!

And hopefully I’ll be seeing no lights as I sleep!