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  1. Wow! Siblings, grandchild, grandparents, new uncle — new mom, The picture says it all. What a happy place to be….you get to see someof those seeds you planted long ago sprouting and growing — in a wildly different aray than what we thought we planted – yet one day with tons of reflection – you will get to see them bloom.

    I would have loved to have been a mouse in the corner to watch all the littler thought provoking moments filled with glee of watching the new generation in full operation as they interact with the newest generation.

    I have learned so much from my kids that if I could go back I’d likely parent with a whole new style — or would that mean their style would become my style of long ago…nope not going back. But I do enjoy watching them interact – and babies produce a whole new batch of reations and interactions. — you’ll have tons more to write about.

    Say Hi to both Tim and Allison and hug baby Christopher.

    Love MaryAnne

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