Hot Worship!

Web sites names are great!  And blog names somewhat descriptive.  Try out “it’s a crazy old world” podcast with Greg DeLong, or “espirita“, Shauna Archer’s blog.  Randall Friesen has his “brown spot” blog.  You can find all sorts of pictures at “Flickr”  — one of those names that no one can spell, but everyone remembers!

This one sounds like an oxymoron.  Two words that somehow don’t seem to go together!

Hot Worship! 

Now, I’ve heard of inspiring worship, Christian worship, contemporary worship, traditional worship, blended worship and even worship from the heart.

But, where does “hot” worship originate from?

One thought on “Hot Worship!

  1. OK, when I started the site, I was probably more inspired by the similarities to “HotMail” than anything spiritual. I will say that the pastor of the charismatic church I was attending did frequently say “We like our worship hot here”, I assume as opposed to lukewarm. You aren’t the first to give me grief about the name, but there are quite a few people that have found the site looking for keywords like “hot praise”.

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