This is an unusual week. 

Up to one funeral a week.  That’s not bad. 

This week I attended two funerals, both for young people — attached in some way to individuals in the congregation.  We sat with a lady who is looking at only a short time left in this earthly journey.  A pastor friend of mine had a sever heart attack.  My wife had a stressful trip that was in less than ideal weather conditions.  Others are suffering from cancer, stress and daily burdens.  That’s without dealing with marital and financial issues.  And my calendar also contains other events!

All of these are usual, but not all at once.

Add to that the fact that I deal daily with my own personal transformation issues — part of living in a world that would rather I be conformed to the status quo rather than changing to be more like God.

The interesting thing — I am refreshed. 

As though God put me here just for such a time as this??