The Old becomes New!

One of my sisters just bought a piano that looks just the same as our old piano.  As kids we would  bang, caress and generally blow the guts out of the piano.  It sat in various rooms, a testament to my mother’s desire that we would all have some musical training.  We all sang – four part harmony the result!!  I was employed as a music director.  Others in the family have put their hand to shaping music for the upcoming generation.

Now, another sister has bought a dog that looks just the same as our old dog.  A Bichon with fluffy white fur and bright eyes.  My deceased brother became the dog handler.  In older age my parents found him a great companion.

My next question was whether we should buy a new dining room table (we inherited the old one).  The old table creaks and groans and tips at the most inopportune times.  I’ve suggested that we get one that is stable and pristine. 

To which my sister replied:   “But then it wouldn’t be the same, now would it?? “

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