She was a truck driver!!

Monday at 2:00 is the funeral for Mary Muir – here at the Alliance Church.

Mary was a truck driver in her young age – in fact at 22 (1962) she had a piece written about her in the Vancouver Province.  The columnist mentions that she took particular interest in down and out women – those from skid row who needed someone to care for them.  She would bring them to church and lead them to know Jesus.

No wonder Mary ended up in the caring profession in the years that followed.  One of her areas of work was addictions counselling.  She was a great listener.  And confidential to the end.  She would sit with people for hours as they worked through their physical pain from withdrawal.  She was loyal.

Two nights ago over fifteen friends dropped in to see her, even though she was pretty well in a comatose state.  No one can say that her quiet, comforting and caring spirit has not reaped its benefits.  I could wish to die that well!

Wednesday night at 10:50 she was listening to her three friends sing familiar hymns of God and heaven.  She slipped from this world of song to the next of angelic hosts welcoming her with music beyond compare.

Mary – enjoy your new life!!

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