For some people their e-scape has been land-scape.

My father loved the soil.  A friend I talked to yesterday relished having three hours to just play in the dirt.  Countless books have been written on rearranging loam and planting flowers, shrubs and trees.

How many of those books have I read?  All the way through?

Let me think . . .

OK, so I’m not a garden fan but I do enjoy the esthetics of a yard well kept. 

This spring we are moving to Phase 2 in our property renovation plan.  The strategy is to build up the grade around the house so no water seeps into the basement.  We also hope to get rid of dandelions, plant some flowers and generally make our neighbours happy!

By 8:00 this morning I was out taking up sod, shovelling in dirt and raising the grade around the house.  Don’t let anyone know, but there actually is pleasure in seeing a job come together! 

I guess there is a place for escape in landscape!

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