Stretching an hour

We were just going for an hour or so.

As we headed out around 4:00 we discussed whether we should stay for supper if invited.  Then, after having hamburgers we settled into chairs on the outdoor deck.  Soon we were watching kids play.  A water fight was in progress.  The 8:30 hour approached and we began to make noises that we were leaving.  At 9:00 we made it to the door.  I knew we were in trouble when a stool came out and the talk kept on.  At 9:35 we were in the car heading out their farm lane!

No need to talk church, or plan strategies or even mark down another “visit”.  These were friends from 30 years ago whose home we had not visited in probably the last 25.  Their daugther was in our youth group, and she now has youth of her own.  Their son farms just down the road.  They now attend a different church in town so an opportunity like this is truly that — an opportunity to renew, refresh and remember.

Thanks Art, Sylvia, Cheryl, Robin, Brenda and the “kids”.  Loved the visit!!

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