Hanging from the eavestrough!

Last night’s storm dropped 1/2 inch of rain in about 15 minutes.

I’m sitting in my bedroom hearing gushes of rain.  Coming from the eavestroughing.

Out the window I see the water pouring right down onto the cement foundation.  Right where we don’t want H2O to accumulate (seepage in the basement and all that entails!!).

So, out I head to the downspout.  I see the problem.  Up by the roof.

Haul out the step ladder.  Place it by the downspout.  Climb up.  The ground gives way.  I grab the eavestrough.  Hang for a second while pushing the ladder back.  Happens again.  Push back again.

The third time wasn’t lucky.  I relax as I fall.  The grass is like a carpet.  I hardly notice. 

Back up once more.  This time the rain is pretty well done.  I fix the downspout.  Head into the house.  The clothes go into the wash.  I shower.  The bed feels great.

Another day, another adventure.

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