Enhanced Living!

That’s the term we use.  For senior housing that requires more than just having four walls to live in.

You need food services, linens, some light house keeping and a community!

This style of housing is missing in Kindersley.  Over the past few years two attempts have come forward to get something going.  Now we are on our third.   In some ways, either we hit a home run or we’re out.

I ventured into Saskatoon with three other men – Dave, Garry and Jake.  Our delegation was examining a complex and talking to a developer.  The discussion was cordial, in fact bordered on positive.

Check back in the next few weeks to see how things are going.

Meanwhile – if you are coming back from Saskatoon to Kindersley, the highway out of town has a few detours.  We made an extra detour!  Watch for signs (or lack thereof!!).

One thought on “Enhanced Living!

  1. Hi Ron- There are many seniors living in my apt. bldg. Some in their 90’s and have lived with assistance for as long as 20 yrs., simply by having outside hired domestic help, to do their housekeeping , washing (laundry in bldg.) and even some assisted medical care. This way they have felt part of a mixed community, and more space than you usually get in a assisted adult facility. I don’t know whether this is less expensive than what you are proposing as a retirement home. Most retirement homes here (small apts. with a central dining room, and medical help on call) are running about $4500. to $5000. a month. Rather expensive.

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