The rain has been falling today.

With the rain, I have developed a ritual.

A few weeks back we re-graded around some of our basement windows.  This was to keep water from seeping into the basement. 

Then we had a marvelous rain.  One of our downspouts was pouring water towards the windows.  So, I fixed that — or should I say, it fixed me (see a previous posting!). 

Now, when it rains I wander outside to see what is happening.  Not much!  The rain has been unusual for a town on bald prairie.  Usually the wind blows and water sprays all over.  But the last while it has fallen quite nicely, thank you!!  In fact the soil around the windows isn’t even wet, protected by the roof overhang.

Tonight I ventured out — just when the water from the sky was in drizzle form.  A few steps and the drops became larger.  As I rounded the house, I confirmed that the rain was not touching the windows.  As I turned back , I decided a faster pace was required.

Now, my knees are none too good — perhaps a casualty of younger years!  I like to think I was a bit of an athlete — that’s probably as stretch!  The bump and grind has taken its toll.

Nevertheless, here I am hobbling at breakneck speed, rounding the corner and heading up the driveway.  With the wind whistling in my ears, I realize that a ten year old could pass me without breaking a sweat!  Oh well, I’m still a great runner — in my fantasies.  And imagine what I will have to boast of when I hit heaven running.

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