On writing

There was a time when I first started writing that I always wanted to have an outline.  Give me three points with supporting subpoints.  All I needed to do was fill in the flesh of the story.

My work also supported this approach.  I call this good administration or management.  There is definitely a place for administrators — I’ve earned a good portion of my income over the years being an administrator!

In the last few years a new approach has crept up on me.

I no longer stay up all night trying to solve problems.  I’ll hit the sack at night and expect that the answers will come overnight.  The first few times I tried this I was scared stiff.  My mathematical brain wanted to research and figure everything out first.  Then a new and unexpected approach popped up.  I tried it again — the unexpected arrived once more!  Soon I was applying this to situations that I couldn’t easily figure out. 

Now I have a regular practice that I call non-administrative administration.  Some call this entrepreneurial leadership.  Whatever the term, I’m beginning to relax in it.

The same applies to writing stories.  My father has asked me how I think of all these blog entries – something new everyday.  Well, some are just reminiscences of the day.  But every once in a while I just put down a title and start writing.  I’ve no idea where I’m going.  But when I arrive at the end I know I’ve reached the destination.

Like to see what I might come up with?  Place a title in the comments section and I’ll write a blog entry — let’s see what emerges!!

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