20 years ago two friends of mine decided they would open a franchise.  At that time, Tim Hortons was somewhat a new phenomenon.  The little coffee shops with a big idea!

Now, I’ve never been one to drink coffee.  Last night I had a cup which was poured for me.  I was gracious and drank it — black!!  I came home and was fully aware of the passing of the evening.  I was able to sleep fairly well but was wide awake when I awoke!

That was “homemade” coffee!  Imagine Tim Horton’s coffee.  I sniff the odor when I sit with friends.  I know the black syrup is a little thicker at Tim’s!

As a non-drinker I am not a fair judge.  Residential reverse osomosis may give purer water than the commercial water at Tim Horton’s.  The relative strength and purity of the coffee beans can be debated.  Even the social atmosphere plays a role in the perception of “good/better/best” coffee.

But my question is — Why become a drinker in the first place???