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My kingdom for a back!

Someone has said that old age gets old!

Well, I’m not really old aged.  Of course, I remember hanging around 85 year olds who didn’t like to go out with those “old ladies” who were 90!  So, I’m just over the hill a bit, and as I’ve started running down the other side some of my parts are wearing out.

So, today and the last few days, I’ve had slight back spasms.  Probably due to compensating for bad knees.

I know people who live in constant pain move in a different realm.  If you ask how they are doing, they will often say “fine”.  In relation to yesterday they are!  In relation to me or you, they have problems with concentration.  They live in pain that distracts them from happy times. 

When I experience just a bit of that pain in my back, I feel debillitated.  Maybe I’m just a wimp!

My kingdom for a back!

Rebates in the mail!

I love getting money.

I love when money comes unexpectedly.

I love when you have a savings plan in place.

Today I think I achieved all three at once.  A rebate came from our provincial automobile insurance plan (OK, so its not quite a savings plan — in fact I think I lose money on this “plan”). 

Now we’re a little over $70 richer.  Or is that $70 that we should never have been charged in the first place.  Or is that just semantics.

Regardless, we’re off to the bank to deposit the cheque! 

Change of phrase!

“The kingdom of heaven.”

When I was 17 I memorized whole chunks of Scripture.  Our Bible quizzing program required that type of involvement.  The biblical book, Matthew, was one of those “chunks”.  There the phrase “the kingdom of heaven” constantly occured.

A kingdom to me seemed old fashioned.  I didn’t have experience that helped me flesh out my understanding of  “kingdom of heaven.” 

I lived in a democracy.  I knew what a Prime Minister was. 

I did not have a king.  I did not live in a kingdom.

35 years later I’m “perspectivizing” the kingdom of heaven.  Like finding another peep hole in a kaliedescope, I’m taking time to re-encounter the original context in Matthew.   The picture “looks” different but the content is the same.  And somehow the picture brings a new sense of God, godliness, love, people, obedience, holiness, relationships and much more. 

Who said being over the hill doesn’t mean there are no new adventures!!

P.S.:  On my theology blog today, I put a quote that was given by a man the same age as I am.  And it sounds like some of the circumstances I have encountered this past year.

Overdoing it!

Our spreader, which I used this morning to put weed killer on the lawn, has various types of settings.  On our package it mentioned setting the spreader at “9”.  Of course, that is for a different company’s spreader.  No wonder I ran out!

Checked the small print.  It should have been set at 1 3/4.  Our spreader is set on mgs/sq.m. (or some nice looking mathematical equation).  Which means we put about 5 times as much fertilizer/weed killer on the lawn than was needed.  Last time I did something like this I burned the lawn but good!! 

So we were out spraying water all over the fertilized area.  Trying to minimize damage.  Stay tuned over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here are some of our trees in the backyard!

PS:  Check out my theology blog for more quotes!!

Early morning rain

Overnight the rain fell.  Just as we had desired.

I awoke in the early morn and headed out to our garden shed.  There the “Weed and Feed” was stored.  In rain boots and coveralls I placed the chemical in the spreader.  Set the setting to 9, as instructed.  Started on the front lawn.  Up and down, carefully layering as per instructions.

Right now it’s 5:40 in the morning.  Now I have to wait.  For the stores to open.  We calculated wrong!  Either that or I’m about to wipe out the weeds and the lawn! 

Two more bags should do it.  

Good bye dandelions!

Back again!

My theology blog is back!

Since February I have taken a break from the daily writing of two blog sites.  But today I was cleaning my office.  I found three piles of quotes I have gathered over the years. 

One was general “church life” quotes, another quotes from A. B. Simpson and friends.  The final was tucked away in a small box that used to hold “Spice after shaving lotion samplers.”  These are verses my dad memorized years ago.  If it’s good enough for him, it good enough for me!!

With great alacrity of mind I decided to spill these literary gems forth upon the unsuspecting public. 

OK, so all I really wanted was some content for my theology blog!  Here they are, all packaged and ready to go.

For the next few weeks you can pop over to my theology blog (see the tab at the top of this blog site) and read some interesting quotes.

Have fun!

Running the numbers

When I was around 4 or 5 I loved to count.  I remember sitting on the basement steps and counting as high as I could.  Maybe upwards of 100 or more.  To me, that was a great amount.

In grade 10, I joined the Math Club at Markham District High School.  Our mandate was to study for the national junior mathematics contest.  The day came and I scored nowhere near the top.  But not on the bottom.  Considering this was national, I figured I was the mediocre of the best.  A week or so later on a mid term math exam I scored 100%. 

In my grade twelve year I headed into computer programming class.  Fortran IV with punch cards run in the local mainframe at SaskTel.

Didn’t realize how much math came naturally to me until my second year of Library Science studies at the University of Alberta.  There I was asked to be the Computer Lab assistant.  I took to programming and explaining computers like an electical pulse to a copper wire.  And to think I got paid to do something so much fun.

Now I’m viewing numbers in a new light.  I’ve been watching the sky and wondering how many numbers I would need to count  the night stars.  And I’ve been watching some of my friends succumbing to cancer and wondering how few numbers I have left!

Memorization Magnet

It’s one of those programs.  You’re not sure how it works, but it does.

30 years ago one division of the Saskatchewan and Manitoba area had around 80 teens involved.  Now there are around 500.  Teams of teens vie with each other to display how well they have memorized.

Each jumps to answer a question related to the memorized material.  The jump seats have become technologically sophisticated.  100ths of second separate competitive athletes.  Their minds are kept keen and the neurons work at lightening speed.

I’ve seen times when the questioner has barely opened their mouths.  One teen has already jumped.  Another is just behind.  The quizmaster asks for both the question and answer — both required within thirty seconds.  From nothing the quizzer creates a question and gives an answer. Both correct and the applause is deafening.

And these 500 teens are only a drop in the bucket of thousands involved in this activity across the continent.

Their program?  Bible quizzing!!