You know you are a father when  you have pictures instead of cash in your wallet.

A father who is a man of integrity will be blessed of God, and his children will follow in his footsteps.  I look at  both my father and my father-in-law.  Both are/were known for their honesty, and for their love for their families.  They never talked about money as much as they loved to talk about their children.  

Dad Baker and Dad Cooper both knew their children  —  the points of stress in their children’s lives, and the points of rejoicing.  They prayed for us.

Dad Cooper died a few years ago in a swimming accident.  He wanted to be with his son-in-law (me) and with his granddaughter.  We started an adventure of swimming across a river.  He never made it to the other side of the river.  He died having embarked on an adventure with his loved ones.  And he waits for us to finish our journeys down here so he can see us again.

Dad Baker continues to “love on us” as children and grandchildren.  His time with us over the years, has always been concentrated on us.  He would give us the shirt off his back, or more likely the money we needed — to buy homes or cars or things that would make our lives more comfortable.  He would call us to encourage us when we were in need.  One time  he bought us a car “long distance”, picking us up our first Volvo  — all we told him was how much money we had and he got us a great deal.  Dad Baker has always had a servant heart.

So to my fathers — God’s blessings rest upon you both.