“Speaking the truth in love.” 

What an unusual phrase.  Taken right from the Bible. 

I consider myself to be a man of integrity.  I want to be honest.  In years past I even made sure that extra photocopying that was done for free inadvertantly, was paid for.

So I tend to be fairly transparent.  At the present I am trying to work a balance.  Things that could be said do not need to be said — at this time. 

I’m working on a committee for whom partial information can become gossip and even wildfire rumour.  So final release of information is waiting until we can get it all together.

I’m working with some relationships where truth spoken at the right time will calm, rather than frustrate.  Truth pursued for the sake of “being right” can be hurtful  —  rather than finding a right time and place where the others will “understand” what is said, rather than just “hear” what is said.

There is a time for everything.  What we need is wisdom from God to know what that time is!