Bobbi Pfeiffer and her three children were headed out of their home today.  Edmonton will be their next stop.

Her sisters, driving a rental van, arrived shortly after 7:00 this evening. 

As a church we had gathered a “motley crew” to help pack.  As this is a long weekend we were not sure who would be available.  I think I counted around 15 of us working to get the van loaded. 

Just as the tailgate was closing a thunderstorm arrived with the attendant rain.  Sometimes you just know God has his clock set — waiting for us to complete a task.  Then he showers us with blessings!

Thanks, Bobbi, for your contribution to my life.  You have been a breath of fresh air — and some days that little bit of prodding the we, as a church, have needed!

May God bless you in your new place!!