The highway through our town seems busy.  There are trucks throughout the day — constantly stopping at the Tim Horton’s or other coffee bars.  The three traffic lights on the highway seem overkill.

Until today.  I was with a friend headed to an eye appointment.  Shortly out of town, on our way to Saskatoon, an accident had occurred.  Probably around 9:30 in the morning — we arrived at 11:00 or so.

As far as I can determine, a semi-truck with some rolls of steel had tipped over.  The steel was still on the highway.  The truck was just being towed away. 

One lane of highway was open.  A flag person, after about 10 minutes, waved us through.

We surveyed the highway, gouged where the steel had fallen.  Then we looked at the lineup of cars awaiting our passing.  And we looked, and we looked, and we looked . . . for about a mile.  People were standing outside their cars, straining their necks to see what had happened.  An SUV had decided to try the ditch and was slowly plowing towards the accident scene.

At one point a tourism announcement had proclaimed that 5 million vehicles pass through Kindersley each year.  Now, I’m beginning to believe them!