The instructions, please!

10:00 and we want to assemble a high chair for tomorrow’s dinner.  We have invited over a single mom with her 2 year old.

This is a Fisher Price chair – should be a breeze.  30 minutes in and we decide it will never fit together.  In a rather grumpy mood we repackage the whole thing. 

Behold, there is a piece that I hadn’t seen.  Somehow it had been taken out of the box and set aside.  Looks just like a piece that I had inserted and tried to fit other pieces to. 

New hope — or complete frustration.  This is the choice!  We decide to try again.  The first few steps are easy.  Then the misplaced piece is put into place.  The next piece fits — with some persuasion.  Now 35 more minutes later and we are finished.

Remember the good old saying — “It’ll only take a few minutes!” 

Wrong again!

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