Experience tells you some things!

Our internet access has been slow the last few days.

I remember the first time someone moved to high speed.  He was a computer technician.  He knew about clock speeds, modems and ISP’s.

His firsts comment the next day — “I’d never go back to dial up!”

In my stubbornness, I figured I would stick with dial up.  And even if I moved to high speed, I wouldn’t be caught up in trying to keep up!!

Guess again! 

This last week our “express light” high speed has been slower than usual.  You put up with, rationalize around, and generally try to be nice.  Today I phoned the ISP (internet service provider) and mentioned, in  a nice way, that I was getting half the speed of another ISP.

The supervisor was informed.  The reply was that someone in Kindersley was using a lot of the broadband.  The problem should be fixed tomorrow.

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