To can or not to can?

The fruit of the earth is plentiful this time of year.  Our friends have been very gracious.  Boxes of produce have appeared at our door.  Corn, strawberries, zucchini, beans, cucumbers and much more.

What to do?

Learn to can!

And so Jill has been off to pick up tips on canning (this is not an activity she has participated in previously).  One site she found gave visual directions on the steps of canning.  Now we have jars of pickles and relish.  Yesterday was tomato day.

One thought on “To can or not to can?

  1. Hi!

    Way to go!

    Karen has been very busy canning as well – she enjoys seeing the fruit of her labor lining the basement shelves.

    I love checking in on your site – it is always interesting to see what you will write about next —

    Have a great day.


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