Filling the day!

Thursday and Friday passed away, sliding into oblivion while filling every minute.

Thursday afternoon and evening my sister and her family were here.  Their arrival was heralded by a great lunch – pizza buns.  Perfect for the four kids who love good food.  Afternoon entertainment included parking the tent trailer in the back yard, watching “The god’s must be crazy”, and putting out camping gear to dry.

The evening had a full blown Rook game.  Rook is  card game that brings competitiveness to a new height.  Your bid for supremacy must be accompanied by a hand of cards  that trump all others.

Friday the family left for Rosetown at 9:00, as did we — but we went past Rosetown to Saskatoon.  There Jill had an Echo Cardio Gram, part of her regular routine to monitor her heart’s health.  We ate lunch, shopped, and spent an amount of money on some recording gear for my new computer (which amount will remain anonymous for the moment!).  Our arrival home was a half day later than when we left.

What a week for Jill.  Canning, family visitation and medical appointments.  Today was a rest day for her — now that it is evening she’s up and running once again.  Not to say that life stopped!  A friend from Red Deer came all the way over to get a signature from me.  1 1/2 hours of lunch, talk and sharing pictures together. 

God is good — all the time.  And all the time, God is good.

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