Cubase and other fun!

Recording and editing audio has always been a “fun” time for me. 

In my younger years I was a vocalist on a number of recordings (4 or 5??).  Then in 1999 I had opportunity to produce a CD for a friend.  I have played with Cool Edit for a number of years.  By the time you do that, you’ve got the bug.

So, today I hooked up the computer with the peripherals (love that term — just means more things that help me to record). 

There was some level of frustration, but within 2-3 hours I had a four part harmony – 15 second music clip in front of me.  I sang each part and laid the tracks down in the computer program.

Then I started to play.  I tried such things as reverb and equalization.  But the most fun was the pitch settings.  I jacked the voices up into the female vocal range.  And my voice actually sounded pretty good.  Maybe I’ll market it some day!! 

Until then — hopefully a project that has been on the back burner for the last year will come forward pretty quickly!

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