Maple Creek and Back!

Lester, who reads this blog faithfully, was in need of a driver today.  His service van was not in good condition and he needed to pick up a substitute van in Maple Creek.

Now, Maple Creek is around 200 or  more kilometeres away.  He could have taken the bus and arrived around 11:50 at night, picked up the van, and driven back by 2:00. 

Or he could call a friend and arrive around 1:30 in the afternoon, drive home and be in his door at the end of a regular work day.

No brainer — as long as you can find a friend!

He caught me in between projects and we headed out around 11:15. 

The road less travelled was Saskatchewan highway 21 south from Kindersley.  All I had to do was follow the signs and we arrived in Maple Creek!

Now, a word about Saskatchewan highways.  Some are good. . .   Some are like the one to Maple Creek.  At points there are unexpected potholes, and gravel patches, and loose ashphalt, and red warning markers, and road crews and all the ingredients for a wide awake — “watch-where-you-are-going” adventure!

Maple Creek is the undisputed hot spot of Saskatchewan.  Weather hot spot, that is!!  And no less today.  The town dips into a valley — we only made it to the outskirts where his replacement van was parked.  We separated to our separate vehicles separately (enough redundancy too often already!!).  The ride home was around 2 hours long.  With missed lunch and coffee breaks, the day was done — at least for my friend.  I still had an evening prayer meeting, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Road trips are great.  Thanks, Lester!

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