Hanging out!

At dinner tonight we had two single parents and their kids.  I love the invigoration of children. 

They look at things so innocently and yet seem to have a nature that can be devious.  Maybe they learn that from us??

At one point the two “under 4” children were “sharing” together.  They would each take their turn.  Then, prompted by adults, they would hand over the toy.  At one point, one child shared without prompting.  You figure the world has just taken a huge leap forward.  Until you check back in a minute as she yanks the toy from the other’s hand.  This would make true reality TV programming!!

The other side of reality living is dealing with computers.  The last few days we have been trying to make a wireless router work for our internet.  I tried updates and firmware changes.  Finally, in desperation, I returned to an old router that jst chugs along and does the job.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Of course, high speed “light” is not going to win any race!!  But now, at least we will get to the finish line.

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