Kazoo People

Ever wonder what it would be like to speak through a kazoo? 

Tried it out last night.  Totally frustrating.  You can use inflection, wave your arms and arch your eyebrows.  But in the end you still feel like you don’t know what “he said, she said.”  The Wycliffe theatre group did a great job of showing the frustrations of translation!!

Talking of pictures — I had a picture taken of my knees today. 

For a number of years my knees have been giving out.  6 – 8 years ago a doctor had told me I was in trouble, but that I might wait a few more years until I was older.

I’m older.  And my knees are not in great shape.  I wander around, but often find that there is pain.  I no longer expect that I can correct a fall with my legs.  Rather than the excrutiating pain, I have learned to fall well!

So, waiting times being what they are, maybe in a year or so I’ll be looking at new knees!!

One thought on “Kazoo People

  1. So glad, Ron, that your new knees are on the way!

    Be patient, and take care of yourself during the wait. You are doing a phenomenal job of caring for folks out there in the West!! But take care of yourself too!! MOM C<

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