You wake up with thoughts in your mind. 

Thoughts about music, ministry and motivation.

First, I finally got some extended time today to work with some music recording software called Cubase SE.  A definite upgrade from Cool Edit.  I cut and pasted, made a marvelous drum roll and took some cassette recordings and moved them to CD.  I’m finding in the midst of this that I have a bit of a knack for the engineering side of audio recording.  This is fun!!

Yesterday I completed a leadership test.  The results of this 22/23 question quiz gave a general overview of how I approach leadership.  Some of the results were generalizations but on the whole truth prevailed.  I am a facilitator type of leader.  I work best with groups and teams — I’m a mediator more than a confronter.  Today I considered these results (not that they are new thoughts, just packaged in a new way).  Given a bit more time, perhaps new approaches for ministry will result.

This was my regular day off.  Once a week Sabbath is necessary — and I haven’t been all that good at keeping my Sabbath the past few weeks.  I feel refreshed as I come to the end of the day. 

For you — may this day also have been one of fortification for the coming days.  And may God have granted to you a peek over today’s fence into the lush fields he has provided for the coming days!!