Lloyd Pierce preaches

One of the objectives of our church family is to release people into areas of ministry.

Today, Lloyd Pierce preached.  His sermon was on Acts 9 — Terrorists can change!!!  He used Saul to help us see that we all can change — from where we are to where God wants us.

I had the great opportunity of sitting in on his preaching. 

Lloyd was not preaching because I wanted a holiday.  He was not preaching because no one else was around.

Lloyd was preaching on purpose.  He is a good speaker whom people respect.  He is able to preach in such a way that it is simple and yet not simplistic.  He was preaching because this is an area of giftedness in his life.

Although a pastor may need to be preaching most of the time to give vision and direction within a church — and to lay doctrinal and biblical guidelines, that doesn’t mean all the speaking needs to be done by him or her.  If anything, a strong sense of ecclesiology (the study of the church) will show that we need to share with those who are gifted.  When someone takes on all the jobs in a church, then we are providing a place for spectator sport and not for the participation of the whole group of people we call the church.

So, I participated in the worship service today at the Kindersley Alliance Church.  I did not preach.  I did not take up the offering.  I did play and sing (a gifting area that I have been a part of for years). 

And somehow God refreshed me and the congregation!!

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