Monthly Archives: November 2006

The weekend!

Well, I’m just finishing off the weekend.  Tomorrow I’ll put some pictures on so you can see real life!

Friday we finished off collection for shoes boxes for Operation Christmas Child — somewhere around 610 boxes came in.  In the evening I did some recording of music — with a drummer and keyboardist.

Saturday we were off to Saskatoon.  There we shopped and headed home — back by 9:30.  Interestingly our best buys were in Rosetown (an hour out of Kindersley, and an hour from Saskatoon).  A little shop called the “bargain store”.

Sunday was a Bible quiz during the Sunday service.  The non-quizzer team (mostly adults) won by a mere 20 points (one question!).  I fear what a rematch next year might bring!!  In the evening Wycliffe Theatre group had a dinner theatre that was well done — definitely professional quality!

And now, at 10:30 pm I’m closing off the weekend with one last home made bun and a soft pillow to collapse on!

Good night!!

Can this be true?

I heard the snatch of a news report on the radio (CBC at 5:30 pm).

Supposedly you can now say you are sorry for something and not be considered to be held legally responsible (at least in Saskatchewan). 

The impetus is the growing litigious society we live in.  As soon as we admit to some kind of wrong doing, the legal system pops into place.  What could have been very simply solved through mediation goes way out of wack.

I’m interested to see all  the background on this!  Certainly sounds like we have begun to lose our language to our legal system!

If you can find out more, let me know.


The night comes quickly.  Stealing back the rays of darkness, the slivers of light retreat. 

In one corner is a quiet resting place.  Set next to the granite of the landscape, the headstone glistens with newfound paleness.

Where does life enter and death retreat?  When a stone is rolled back and emerging life envelopes those closest.  Two women held in suspension.  Disbelief captured by dawning realization. 

This is the new day!


As the day comes to an end, I’ve experienced the feeling of tiredness.

Last night was three hours of known sleep, and probably more that I’m not quite sure about.  There are draining situations that regularly arise in people related vocations.  Often this is a sign that people trust you and are willing to let you get in on their own “messiness”.

While I try to remain detached enough that I’m not totally drained, I often come to a point where personal involvement means taking on some of the hurt. 

Balance is what it’s about. 

I’m trying to haul back the tetter-totter! 

OCC collection depot

I’m sitting in our church, awaiting shoes boxes!

Yes, we are the local collection point for “Operation Christmas Child”.  For this week the church building will be open both morning and afternoon.  I’ve volunteered to be here (since I would be here most of the time anyways) — although anyone who wants to spell me off is welcome!

Today we got in over 100 shoe boxes, most of them from one church.  The processing centre in Calgary has also been in contact with us.  Things are going along well and I hope to see a few hundred more shoe boxes by Friday.

Once the shoe boxes arrive, we tally and record them.  Then we place them in larger cardboard boxes.  From there they are forwarded to our local bus station.  The bus system then carries them to Calgary, but arrangement with Samaritan’s Purse.

Great idea!  Great opportunity!

Quizzing well done!!

Outlook, Saskatchewan was the sight of the first invitational regional Bible quiz of the year.  Our church had three teams entered.  As I understand it, everyone got a chance to answer a question!! 

Kindersley 3 answered questions and experienced great opportunities.  They come back with a new appreciation for what they still can accomplish. 

Kindersley 2 fared a little better in their division.  Their future is bright. 

Our Kindersley 1 team did very well, taking the championship in their division.

Congratulations to all!!

Stemming the flow!

What happens when a door is left open?

In the middle of winter the warmth of summer invades the outdoors.  Heat escapes and the equilibrium of temperature soon cools down the house!  In our current energy crisis (OK, the price of gas continues to scare me!) this loss of BTU’s in not good!

Today we ventured to Atasha’s mobile home.  There we place plastic on windows and weatherstripping around doors.  The usual “five minute” job was more like five hours.  In the end there were very few cracks for air to escape.  The doors closed firmly and heat vents were regulated.

For a guy like me who spends a lot of time at a desk, out for coffee, or just thinking this was a pleasant diversion.  “Hands on” does not mean disengaging the mind.  But it does mean making the mind work my hands!

On another note, Wayne Gibson was over tonight and we discussed his CD we are working on.  Maybe a sampler in the next few months?  Never overpromise — so forget I mentioned that (but check back in a few months!).

To the Battle Ford that's North

This is the SPN.  The RPN.  Or whatever name you want to give. 

Area pastors of the Alliance are off for a short one day retreat to North Battleford (noon today until 3:00 tomorrow).  We will gather from North Battleford, Meadow Lake, Luseland, Kindersley, Rosetown, Milden, Outlook and Elrose.  Two new pastors join the group — they’ve started their ministries this fall.

And!!  We are trying out the Zip Line — supposedly the longest in the world!

Female Anglican Primate

The official deed is done.

For a number of years I met with an Anglican minister for encouragement, prayer and accounability.  It took me a while to get used to a number of terms that the church uses.  There is a strong heirarchy within the church, based on an episcopal model.  There is a richness to such structure!

Yesterday that structure was opened for examination by the whole world. 

Through a democratic process, a female primate (the head Anglican in a “province” — generally understood as a country) was elected and now installed.  That  she is female is in itself contentious in the world wide Anglican communion.  But further, she believes in same sex blessings.

In case you have missed it, the Anglican Communion worldwide has been struggling.  One upfront issue is the matter of same sex blessings.  The deeper issue is the place of Scripture.  The possibility of a split is there.

So, I was led to an article in the Telegraph newspaper from the UK — the birthplace of Anglicanism (the newspaper is not the birthplace — Britain is!!).  A farily short article without a lot of rhetoric.  Worth a quick glance.